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In Bismark, North Dakota, a group of masked White men confronted and threatened Native Americans who protested the Dakota Access Pipeline construction.

The incident occurred recently outside a hotel when two men from the Standing Rock tribe were blocked inside a parking lot as several masked men approached their car.

The passenger in the car posted the encounter live on his Facebook page. The episode shows one of the assailants yelling, “Take your protesting a** back home.” The masked man also threatened to harm the men in the car, saying, “Us North Dakota people are gonna f*** you up.” 

Individuals who witnessed the attack also recorded the incident in an attempt to keep the situation from escalating.

Shaun King, Black activist and writer for the New York Daily News, spoke with Roland Martin about the disturbing encounter during Wednesday’s edition of NewsOne Now.

King explained that a witness who recorded the attack informed hotel security about the hate crime, but he realized, “The hotel staff was not really interested in hearing what happened.

“We’re seeing this happen all across the country,” King said.

This seems to be a small window into what is turning into a pandemic. Earlier on NewsOne Now, Martin detailed a series of hate crime statistics released by the FBI, which exposed a spike in race-based offenses.

A snapshot of the FBI’s 2015 Hate Crime Statistics revealed:

  • 6.7 percent increase in offenses
  • Most of the increase was due to crimes against Muslims
  • 59 percent of victims were targeted for race and ethnicity
  • 48 percent of offenders were White
  • 24 percent were African-American

According to King, hate-related crime in New York City has skyrocketed. He told Martin the New York City Police Commissioner said hate crimes have increased by 30 percent over 2015 totals within the five boroughs.

King said, “When the FBI releases stats from 2016, consider all the time after the election we’re going to see this huge spike in hate happening all over the country and people are being terrorized.”

Watch Roland Martin, Shaun King and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the increase in hate crimes across the United States in the video clip above.

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