The Council on American-Islamic Relations rescinded an invitation to have Shaun King speak at its event in Minneapolis.


The reports came as Ramadan began.


The activist said his account was deactivated because he's "fighting for Palestine."

Citing "a lifetime of spinal injuries," he asked his followers to help him pay for treatment.


Shaun King denies he scammed people with his clothing brand, A Real One, after a viral social media post complained that orders were not being fulfilled.


A growing list of Shaun King's nicknames that have gone viral.


After Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter, which Shaun King said was "about white power," King appeared to have deleted his Twitter account in protest. Later, he revealed that he didn't delete his account. He claimed he deactivated it because of death threats.


Shaun King says his clothing company, A Real One, is "not a fashion company that dabbles in confronting inequity," but, "a freedom fighting company that does fashion. But with $150 plain hoodie prices, many wonder if this is just another scam.

Journalist and activist Shaun King on Wednesday announced his plans to start a new fashion company and offered his more than 1 million Instagram followers the chance to buy exclusive merchandise when it officially launches. Yes, really.

Civil rights attorney and Texas attorney general candidate Lee Merritt is seeking donations to help Shaun King pay for moving from his home exposed by a right-wing tabloid. But there is lingering scrutiny of anything having to do with King and fundraising.


News of Rai and Shaun King's new home opens up a larger conversation about progressive political spaces and the lack of equity in earning power for all of those who "do the work."

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Samaria Rice, Tamir Rice's mother, used no uncertain terms when addressing Shaun King in a recent social media post that called him out for sharing the details of a recent conversation they had on his podcast.