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After receiving backlash for the way Black students were being treated on campus, the University of California Santa Cruz has decided to meet the demands of the school’s African/Black Student Alliance organization days after the group hosted an on-campus sit-in, reports KSBW.

From KSBW:

Members of the university’s African/Black Student Alliance organization took over Kerr Hall Tuesday, locked all of the doors, covered the windows with slogan-filled posters, and vowed to not leave until their demands were met.

Chancellor George Blumenthal sat down at a negotiating table with 10 protesters at 4 p.m. Thursday.

According to the outlet, the list of demands, which were primarily centered around the Rosa Parks African Themed House, called for all Black students to have guaranteed housing in the building, the building be painted in Pan-Afrikan colors, and incoming students undergo diversity training.



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