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Four Chicago officers, who were suspended without pay for their roles in the investigation into the fatal 2014 shooting of unarmed Black teen Laquan McDonald, are scheduled to return to work, reports ABC7 Chicago.

The Chicago Police board ruled Monday that the suspension of the cops, Daphne Sebastian, Janet Mondragon, Ricardo Viramontes and Sgt. Stephen Franko, before a criminal trial violates their rights to due process, writes the television news outlet. They will return to administrative duty, and their guns and badges will not be returned, notes the report. The list does not include Jason Van Dyke, who is charged with murder in McDonald’s shooting death, which sparked protests across the nation over the use of excessive force by officers in communities of color, especially in Chicago, where lawmakers have called on the department to face its racist past.

A delayed disciplinary hearing to determine whether officers should be fired is still scheduled to take place after Van Dyke’s criminal trial, reports the Chicago Tribune.

The four cops are accused of approving false statements in police reports that contradicted with dashcam video footage of Van Dyke, who is White, shooting McDonald on Oct. 20, 2014. McDonald was shot 16 times by Van Dyke, who claims he was in fear for his life as the teen came toward him with a knife; however, video footage showed Van Dyke quickly got out of his vehicle and opened fire within seconds as McDonald walked away, writes the Tribune.

Do you think the outrage prompted by McDonald’s shooting death will lead to the cops’ termination? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

SOURCE: ABC7 Chicago, Chicago Tribune


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