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A Chicago police officer who was hit with a lawsuit for brutally beating a Black woman while she was handcuffed allegedly registered domain names with racial slurs prior to the incident, reports CBS Chicago.

According to the outlet, it was discovered that Chicago Police Sgt. George Granias purchased URLs with racial epithets, including two that consisted of the “n-word.”

Three years ago, Patassa Johnson was pulled over on a Chicago highway after an officer suspected that she was driving under the influence, writes the source. Johnson was handcuffed and transported to the 11th District police station where Granias allegedly beat her, leaving her with several bruises and scratches.

A federal lawsuit stemming from the incident was filed by Johnson in 2015. “She was beat up at the police station by a Chicago police sergeant because she was a vocal black woman,” Johnson’s lawyer, Brendan Shiller told CBS Chicago. The city of Chicago reached a $185,000 settlement with Johnson whose attorney says the discovery of the racist domain names had an influence on the decision.

According to the Daily Beast, Granias attempted to have the web pages removed immediately after word spread that he was linked to them.

CBS Chicago reports that the Chicago police department has launched an internal probe surrounding the websites owned by Sgt. George Granias. Granias, still has his job with the CPD, despite having several complaints on his disciplinary record, according to the Daily Beast.

“He needs to be fired. If he’s fired, then I’m happy because I know he will not be able to do it to anyone else,” Johnson told CBS Chicago.

Incidents where Black women are physically attacked by police officers have become all too common. Last month, California teen Tatyana Hargrove was beaten by Bakersfield police after she was mistaken for a male suspect. Hargrove says she believes the encounter was racially motivated.

SOURCE: CBS Chicago, Daily Beast


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