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Just days after a White supremacist plowed into a crowd of counterprotesters at a rally  in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing one and injuring 19, Texas A&M on Monday canceled a racist gathering planned in September, citing safety concerns, CNN reports.

Richard Spencer, the white supremacist who helped found the racist alt-right movement, was scheduled to speak at the event.

It was not the first time Spencer has stirred controversy on the campus, the news outlet writes:

Spencer spoke at Texas A&M in December, sparking outrage and protests on campus. The school eventually changed its campus speaker policy because of the controversy over his appearance. The new rules required outside groups or individuals to have sponsorship from a university-sanctioned group to reserve campus facilities.


None of the 1,200-plus campus organizations invited Preston Wiginton nor did they agree to sponsor his events in December 2016 or on September 11 of this year,” the school said in a statement.


Richard Spencer Invited To Speak At Texas A&M On 9/11

Preston Wiginton, a White Lives Matter organizer, has invited White supremacist Richard Spencer to speak at Texas A&M on 9/11. If Spencer accepts the invitation, he will visit Texas A&M a second time, Dallas News reports. For his last campus visit, the university organized a unity rally that drew thousands. Spencer spoke to a group of about 400.

Wiginton says that he was inspired by the Charlottesville rally to organize Spencer’s visit. He told the campus newspaper, The Battalion, that the event is organized to counter the “liberal anti-White agenda.” Wigington also said that the liberal agenda leads to “White genocide,” but when asked to cite examples of White genocide, he deferred. Wigington said he didn’t choose the date for its relevance to the 2001 terror attacks.

Spencer is a White supremacist who believes that America “belongs to the Whites.” Spencer got a lot of coverage when he was punched in the face twice on Inauguration Day. During his last campus visit, he professed elation that Trump was elected. A Texas A&M spokesperson says the university does not agree with Wiginton’s views.


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