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There was no reason given for the abrupt resignation of now-former Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. on Thursday, but that’s precisely what either excited or scared some Twitter users upon hearing the news.

While the staunch supporter of President Donald Trump was likely under immense pressure in part because of the deaths of four people — including a baby — in his jail, some people tweeted that Clarke may be headed for a leading role with the federal government.

The one-sentence letter of resignation offered no hint of what would be next for the man who once called Black Lives Matter a “hateful ideology,” but it can’t be ignored that Trump once considered Clarke for a role working at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Specifically, the president was eyeing a position for Clarke as the secretary at DHS’s Office of Partnership and Engagement, where he would have worked with state and local law enforcement.

Shortly after the news of his resignation broke, sentiments of both glee and fear filled Twitter timelines as “David Clarke” became a top trending topic.

Clarke’s potential move to move DHS – or any other federal agency or Cabinet position — would seem to make sense to the current administration, which is led by a man who once said he would be the “law and order president.” But if he were to join Team Trump in an official capacity, he would bring a considerable amount of baggage to an already scandal-laden White House.

In May, a grand jury recommended criminal charges against his staff over the four deaths in April 2016, which resulted in two federal lawsuits filed against Clarke, according to Mother Jones. Clarke also delighted at Baltimore police officers’ acquittals in the mysterious police custody death of Freddie Gray, who was arrested in part for being in possession of a knife.

But as Trump showed just last week when he pardoned controversial Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who defied court orders to stop racially profiling local residents, legal problems will not deter the president from reaching out to help his allies.

SOURCE: Huff Post, Mother JonesInternational Business Times


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