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The parents of a Black teenager in Woodlands, Texas, are concerned about their daughter’s safety after a White classmate sent racist Snapchat messages after she showed support for national anthem protests, the Houston Chronicle reports.

R.J. King—whose daughter attends Woodlands High School—came across racially charged Snapchat messages that his daughter received from a White student, the news outlet writes. The messages were sent after she showed solidarity with NFL players who took a knee during the national anthem to bring awareness to racial injustice.

The exchange started when her classmate sent a message saying “U liberals dumb as hell,” to which she responded “Not as dumb as you racist.” The conversation then took a threatening turn. “(I don’t know) how the (expletive) racism got brought into this,” the boy said, according to the source.  “Im standin up for my country. We should have hung all u n***** while we had the chance. Trust me it would make the world better.”

After showing her parents the messages, they notified the school and assumed that school officials would reprimand the student. However, the school only provided the girl with counseling and changed the boy’s schedule.

The Houston Chronicle reported that school officials told the girl’s parents that they should consider placing her in another school. King and his wife said they may take legal action.

“This was a serious threat,” King said during a press conference, according to the news outlet. “And so we thought we were going to get a serious response.”

Civil Rights groups support King’s family, stating that the school’s response did not go far enough.

Following the incident, the Conroe Independent School District issued this statement:

“The campus administered several levels of disciplinary consequences and continues to work with the students involved and their parents. Campus and district administration are committed to providing safe and caring learning environments for all of our students.”

Racism in high schools has been an ongoing issue. In June, a photo of a 15-year-old Black girl with a noose around her neck was circulated around her chemistry class in California.

SOURCE: Houston Chronicle


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