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The mother of Trayvon Martin has made a passionate plea for the nation’s largest gun lobby to stop offering so-called “murder insurance” for people who shoot others. The National Rifle Association’s new policy was being accused of giving “gun owners a false sense of security to shoot first and ask questions later,” the Associated Press reported.

Sybrina Fulton’s appeal came in the form of a new video ad by Guns Down, a group advocating for gun control in the U.S.

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“They spend millions lobbying for laws that allow them to ‘shoot first’ and ‘stand their ground.’ But that just makes it easier to get away with murder,” Fulton is shown saying in the nearly minute-and-a-half-long clip. ”It’s time to put the guns down.”

The Carry Guard insurance can offer policy holders “up to $1.5 million in civil protection and $250,000 in criminal defense,” according to the AP.

Fulton has pushed for gun laws to be tightened ever since her son was shot to death by a neighborhood watch volunteer in South Florida in 2012. The gunman, George Zimmerman, was ultimately acquitted under Florida’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” law that a state judge ruled was unconstitutional this past summer.

The new ad was released just weeks after a gunman waged the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history, killing at least 58 people and wounding hundreds more in Las Vegas on October 1.

Watch Guns Down’s new ad below.


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