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White House Chief of Staff John Kelly didn’t tell the truth when he tried to slander Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson during a press conference Thursday, an old video has shown. While condemning the Democratic congresswoman for what he called politicizing the death of a fallen soldier, he attacked her character by accusing her of bragging about getting “the money” ($20 million) to fund a federal building in Florida.

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But the Sun Sentinel republished a video of Wilson’s speech that Kelly, showing that Wilson never made such a comment. In fact, Wilson said wasn’t even elected to Congress when the founding was secured.

The development was just the latest display of any regard for the truth from the Trump administration in the wake of a controversy surrounding a deadly ambush of U.S. soldiers in West Africa earlier this month. Wilson accused the president of being insensitive and lacking empathy for telling a grieving widow that her soldier husband “knew what he was signing up for” before he was killed.

Trump, of course, denied the claim, insisting in a tweet that he had “proof” he never said that. Kelly would later, perhaps inadvertently, indicate that there was actually no proof at all, showing another Trump lie. The concession was taken as all but a confirmation that Trump did indeed make the callous remark to the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, whose name the president was accused of not even knowing during the phone call.

The resurfacing of the old video coincided with the hashtag #IBelieveFrederica being among the top trending topics on Twitter, as many on social media sided with the congresswoman.


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