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UPDATED 7:01 a.m., EDT — The Black man who police shot and killed in Baton Rouge Monday night was officially identified as Calvin Toney, his family members confirmed to local news outlet WAFB. Details were still scarce about 12 hours after the shooting at an apartment complex, but police provided their vision of events.

“During the course of that investigation, a struggle ensued with officers and the suspect,” Louisiana State Police Trooper Bryan Lee said. “The suspect was shot and killed during that struggle.”

Despite social media rumors to the contrary, Toney was not handcuffed when he was shot, Lee said while not identifying him by name.

The police officer who shot Toney was also a Black man. He was accompanying a family services worker on a child welfare visit to the apartment complex when he and Toney got into an apparent altercation before the officer shot him. The welfare worker was not injured in the struggle or the shooting.

Officers were wearing body cameras, and the footage was expected to be reviewed by officials investigating the case.

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A police officer shot and killed a Black man after the two had a lengthy “struggle” at an apartment complex in Baton Rouge on Monday night, the Advocate reported. Authorities didn’t immediately identify the victim, who was also reportedly Tasered, but the name “Calvin Toney” quickly surfaced online as being the person who was shot.

Samuel Sinyangwe, a member of the Movement for Black Lives, tweeted a photo of a person presumed to be Toney.

Prior to that, activist Deray McKesson tweeted Toney’s name early Tuesday morning, prompting others to quickly join in condemning the Baton Rouge Police Department killing “another Black man.”

The officer, who was reportedly also a Black man, was with a family services worker to check on the welfare of a child at the location when the victim and the officer got into a fight lasting “many minutes,” East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore III told reporters. The state of the worker was not immediately known.

Baton Rouge police arrested a man named Calvin Toney in 2014 for alleged child neglect and abuse, the Advocate reported at the time. It wasn’t immediately clear if he was the same person who was killed Monday night.

Frustration was obvious among local residents, who quickly formed a crowd at the scene with chants of “Black lives matter” and “no justice, no peace,” the Associated Press reported.

Baton Rouge Mayor Sharon Weston Broome, who is also Black, issued a brief statement to urge residents to be calm while she was “monitoring” the “officer-involved shooting.”

One woman yelled out of anger at police, according to the Advocate, in what was the latest display of heightened tensions between the community and law enforcement in Baton Rouge.

“One black man down,” the woman screamed. “One black man down. I hope y’all sleep good tonight. … He’s gone. What the f*** y’all investigating?”

The shooting came more than a year after video footage of Baton Rouge police shooting Alton Sterling, also a Black man. The shooting sparked outrage and protests in the city, which is 45 percent Black.

Less than two weeks after Sterling was killed during the summer of 2016, three Baton Rouge police officers were shot to death when a gunman ambushed them. That followed an FBI warning about “threats to law enforcement and potential threats to the safety of the general public” because of Sterling’s killing.

Sterling’s case could very well be a precedent in the one that will probably — but not definitely — follow Monday night’s shooting, as that officer on trial was acquitted in May.

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