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Ever since Omarosa Manigault Newman got the boot from the White House — or as she likes to call it, “resigned” — she has been teasing “her story.” Reports claims the reality star will earn as much as $10 million for a book deal and she is ready to spill every drop of the tea.

According to Life & Style,“Omarosa has dirt on the Trumps’ ‘icy’ interactions. ‘She knows how much time they spend together and whether or not they even sleep in the same bedroom,’ says a source. ‘How much does Melania have to put up with? Does she really agree with her husband’s stance on things? Does she believe any of the sexual harassment allegations lodged against him or are they all lies? Does she plan to divorce him once they’re out of the White House? All these questions could be answered.'” Political analysts claim Omarosa could be Donald Trump’s  “worst nightmare.”

In addition, Omarosa allegedly has some dish on his daughter Ivanka and her relationship with Melania, which has reportedly been tense.

This will be enjoyable to see Omarosa sell out everyone at the White House. The reality television villain clearly has no loyalty to anyone. Moreover, even if some of Omarosa’s accounts are exaggerated or partly “fake news,” which Trump will undoubtedly claim, 45 has no one to blame but himself. Omarosa is the monster he created and had the nerve to put her in the White House.

SOURCE: Life & Style


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