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The millisecond Omarosa Manigault Newman got the boot from the White House (yeah, we know — she claims she “resigned”), the reality star has been teasing that she has a story to tell. Reportedly, she is ready to dish on Donald, Melania and Ivanka — and, allegedly, Omarosa could be Trump “worst nightmare.” That said, Omarosa’s dreams of an epic book deal do not appear to be as easy as she thought.

According to, the reality star is having serious trouble landing a publisher because she wants too much cash. A source said, “She certainly has a story to tell, but it isn’t worth the amount of money that she wants. It is also unclear if she would be willing to exploit her 14-year friendship with Mr. Trump in order to make the deal happen.” Reports claimed Omarosa could get up to a ten-million dollar deal, which sounds ridiculous. Hillary Clinton reportedly landed a 14-million dollar book deal for 2014’s Hard Choices  — Omarosa deserves nothing close to that amount. For all we know, Omarosa could be leaking the ten-million number to the press to make publishers interested. Also, do we really need a full book from Omarosa on her one-year working at the White House? She could tell her “story” on a ten-minute interview with Good Morning America. As Robin Roberts said, “Bye, Felicia!” also reports that “she has already been talking with TV executives including the producers of the Real Housewives franchise.Yep, go back to your roots, sis.

SOURCE: RadarOnline


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