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An AM Joy guest had a revolutionary idea on Sunday for how Black Democrats can clap back against Trump’s State Of The Union address on Tuesday night. Tiffany Cross, the managing editor of The Beat DC, said that Democrats should take some inspiration from The Black Panther party in creating a televised event.

“Listen, this was a chance for Democrats,” Cross said to host Joy Reid on the MSNBC show. “We have to take advantage. We have to change our messaging tactics. The way Donald Trump has taken advantage of this reality TV atmosphere, I think they should have gotten all of their all-stars. This is a different day and age. We don’t have to play by the old playbook rule.Get Kamala Harris. Get Cory Booker. Get Kirsten Gillibrand. And produce this like you’re producing the trailer for the Black Panther party. Get them all together. Rallying cry.”

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Cross’ idea is very woke, speaking to the fact that there’s strength in numbers. Black Democrats, including Rep. Maxine Waters (CA) and John Lewis (GA,) have already been protesting Trump’s SOTU, with the number of boycotters having grown over the last few weeks. Reps. Frederica Wilson(F.) and Gregory Meeks (NY) have joined the resistance, with Rep. Cedric Richmond (LA) and the Congressional Black Caucus having said they were considering the boycott.

Waters is scheduled to give her own strong speech rebuking Trump on BET Tuesday night.

Also, Democrats have planned a rebuttal speech by Congressman Joe Kennedy against Trump as the culmination of their boycott. However, this has created a missed opportunity, Cross said to Reid.

“The revolution will be televised,” Cross continued. “But if the Democrats create a dope response, it could be televised, Instrgramed, shared on Twitter and Facebook — and I think they kind of missed the boat with this.”


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