Black people have a chance to hold elected officials accountable during the 2022 primary season.


Black voters are all dressed up with nowhere to go as the normalization of thinly veiled white power fascism becomes unbearable. The divide is not political, it’s moral.

A new poll shows that Joe Biden has historic support among Black voters in spite -- or because -- of Candace Owens' ridiculous Blexit movement encouraging Black people to abandon the Democratic Party.

There is a budding movement calling for LeBron James to be included among the slate of speakers scheduled to take part in the Democratic National Convention.

The Congressional Black Caucus' incoming chairwoman is cautious about making impeaching of Trump a priority.

Tiffany Cross, the managing editor of The Beat DC, says Black Democrats should produce a televised event like they're "producing a Black Panther party" trailer in response to Trump's State Of the Union.