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When third-grader Alexandra Dow was given a class assignment to dress up as someone who she admired, she instantly thought of former first lady Michelle Obama. Little did Dow know that her school project would garner attention from Obama herself, the Huffington Post reported.

Dow and her classmates, who attend school in Diamond Bar, California, were tasked with putting together a project that highlighted someone that they believe has been influential in changing the world for the better, the news outlet writes. The students had to pen a two-page report, put together a poster board about the individual’s journey, and deliver a speech as the person they decided to dress up as.

While doing research, Dow noticed a lot of similarities between her and Obama’s upbringing. “We live in an area with a very, very small black community,” Dow’s mother Audrey told the Huffington Post. “There may be only two other families in her school that are black. When she sees Michelle on TV, she feels so connected to her because she’s brown like her. When she did this project and saw pictures of Michelle as a little girl for the first time, she said, ‘Look! She has hair like mine.’”

Dow took to Twitter and posted a photo of Alexandra dressed up as Obama. The image quickly went viral and when the former first lady caught wind of it she replied “This just made my day. I may not be a 3rd grade teacher, but this gets an A+ in my book!” Alexandra was shocked and excited to have received a reply from Mrs. Obama herself. Her mother says that the project illustrates the importance of representation.

Even after leaving the White House, Obama is continuing to serve as a source of inspiration for many. At Kennedy Center’s School Counselor of the Year celebration last week, she delivered a poignant speech about the importance of educators in this heated political climate.


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