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Everyday we are learning that it is a myth the younger generation is more open-minded and progressive. There are countless reports of racism at schools all over the country and the latest incident in Chandler, Arizona is, unfortunately, no shocker.

According to AZ Central, on MLK Day, a group of white students from Santan Junior High School in Chandler, Arizona ranted on Snapchat, “F**k all n****ers” and “Martin Luther King deserved to be killed.” What has the school done? Absolutely nothing. See the news clip below:

During a community forum meeting, a mother said, “We are still waiting for some type of discipline against the students for making this disgusting and hateful video. This happened nine days ago.” A father said, “How does a student who gets bullied or harassed and intimidated and called the N-word go into the same classroom students who did that, laughing and snickering and feel like it’s a safe learning environment?”

The school claims they cannot do anything because the Snapchat was recorded at a party, not on school grounds. Principal Barbara Kowalinski  released this statement, “While the students’ actions do not fall under the purview of the school, we condemn on the strongest terms the highly offensive language and actions. Please continue to reach out to your children and discuss the harm of language that is offensive and inappropriate in our community.”

Reportedly, Black students are being incessantly bullied at Santan Junior High School. Hopefully, it won’t take someone to get hurt for the school to have repercussions for racism.

SOURCE: AZ Central


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