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Dallas vs. The NRA

A top-ranking politician in Dallas has gotten threatening messages since he demanded the NRA relocate its upcoming annual convention, according to a new report.

Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway, a Black city council member, cited last week’s school shooting in Florida as his primary reason for not wanting the pro-gun group anywhere near his city. As a result, [probably mostly White] gun enthusiasts got mad and started sending threats to Caraway (who never said if they were racial or deadly in nature).

“It just goes to show that there are sick people in the world,” Caraway told the Dallas Morning News.

The NRA, being the proponents of violence that they are, didn’t say anything about Caraway’s potential harm. Instead, they released a defiant statement saying, “No politician anywhere can tell the NRA not to come to their city. We are already there.”

Rubio Gets Roasted

Marco Rubio took one for the team Wednesday night. During a town hall event in Florida about gun control. He was the only elected Republican from the state to show up, while the governor and others probably cowered in fear somewhere else. As it turned out, their fear was justified, and then some, after parents of shooting victims sounded off on Rubio, who was left to defend for himself.

Make no mistake, Rubio isn’t a sympathetic figure. He has an A+ rating by the NRA and made excuses for why not enacting tighter gun control legislation. But at least he was there to allow those in attendance to take out their anger and frustration on someone who deserves blame.

Lupita To Star In, Produce Noah Biopic

 Lupita Nyong’o is keeping up her momentum of success in 2018 after her incredible portrayal of Nakia in “Black Panther.” The Academy Award-winning actress was so taken by Trevor Noah’s autobiography, that she will not only star in the movie adaptation, she said she planned to produce it, as well.

“I could not put the book down,” she tweeted Wednesday in making the announcement. Noah’s book, “Born A Crime: Stories From A South African Childhood,” was released in 2016 and went on to be a #1 New York Times Best Seller.


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