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On Wednesday, Donald Trump tried again to be presidential for survivors of mass shootings, but failed. He actually needed a cheat sheet to be reminded to listen, which we all know isn’t his greatest strength.

Trump was holding a list of five points during the “listening session” and number five read, “I hear you.” Don’t believe it? The list was caught on camera. See below:

How disturbing that Trump needs notes to be reminded to “hear” people, but of course this isn’t shocking. Trump had no listening skills for Myeshia Johnson, the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson who lost his life in Niger. Trump had no listening skills for the island of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Irma. He clearly has no compassion for Haiti on the countries in Africa. That said, Trump was probably better with this cheat sheet, otherwise, he might have broke off into a rant about the NFL or Obama.

Thankfully, the survivors of the Parkland shooting are demanding to be heard. Watch a moment from last night’s CNN town hall.



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