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Coward Cop Resigns After School Shooting

The armed school resource police officer on school grounds when a crazed teenager gunman killed more than a dozen students and faculty last week never even attempted to confront the shooter, according to new reports. In fact, Scot Peterson, who was actually warned years earlier about Nikolas Cruz’s desire to launch a school shooting, never even went in the school building.

The news broke Thursday as the president proposed arming teachers, but Peterson is proof that having gun-trained adults in a school won’t a mass shooting there. Peterson, confirming his cowardice, resigned from the Broward County police force on Thursday.

Have Weed, Will Travel

Nevada officials have arranged to have a handful of “amnesty boxes” in Las Vegas’ airport in which airline passengers can anonymously drop their extra weed before departing Sin City. The recreational use of marijuana in Nevada is legal, but flying with it is not. That combination has apparently resulted in stoners forgetting about their stashes until the last minute.

“The amnesty boxes are offered as a way to help people comply with this ordinance,” McCarran International Airport spokeswoman Christine Crews told the Associated Press.

It’s unclear what will happen to all the extra weed when the amnesty boxes get dumped “multiple times per week.”

A New Water Crisis Brewing In Michigan?

A water main break has resulted in a boil water alert for a Michigan city, evoking terrifying memories of the water crisis that happened in nearby Flint in 2014.

The city of Livonia, which is about 65 miles south of Flint and a 20-minute drive from Detroit, announced the boil alert Thursday night and vaguely attributed the order to the regional water supplier experiencing “system issues” that have resulted in water main breaks, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The boil water alert precaution will remain in effect until further notice,” the city said.

Unlike in Flint, where the majority of residents are Black, Livonia is 91 percent White.


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