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Melissa Blank is a 37-year-old teacher at Brusly Elementary School, which is outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. On February 7, according to The Advocate, Blank was upset when a student “swatted the learning materials Blank was using for instruction that day.” Allegedly, “Blank then walked up to the student and swung the child around to face her before grabbing the child by the face/neck and pushing the student against the closet doors, the witness told police.”

 According to an adult witness, Blank yelled, “You aren’t going to touch my things, you aren’t going to act like this!” Blank also “started pinching the child’s shoulder, bruising the child’s skin.”

The witness claims “Blank then used three chairs to block the door so no one could leave. The police report does not say how long the students were kept in the classroom.”

On February  21, she was charged with 15 counts of false imprisonment, one count of cruelty to juveniles and simple battery. However, according to West Baton Rouge Parish Schools Superintendent Wesley Watts, Melissa Blank still works for the school district, although she changed schools. Let’s take a moment to imagine if this teacher happened to be Black… enough said.

From white supremacists in classrooms to teachers assaulting students, what exactly is going on in our country? Oh, this must the philosophy of make America great again!


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