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Stacey Dash is aiming for a congressional seat in the state of California. With the slogan “Dash to DC,” the former Fox News host will run on the Republican ticket to represent California’s 44th Congressional District, which is currently led by Rep. Nanette Barragán.

Compton, Watts, San Pedro and North Long Beach make up the 44th Congressional District, which is mainly Black and Latin. Out of the total population (723,685), 511,063 identify as Hispanic, while 110,038 identify as Black, the U.S. Census reports. Therefore, Dash clearly isn’t going to win and her latest comments aren’t going to gain her any voters.

While on MSNBC, she was asked about Trump’s vile comments about Charlottesvile back in August, when he infamously sympathized with Nazis by saying, “I do think there’s blame on both sides. You look at both sides. I think there’s blame on both sides and I have no doubt about it and you don’t have any doubt about it.” Trump is comparing the counter-protesters to Nazis who were screaming, “Blood and soil,” which is a Nazi Germany reference. Trump also said, “You have some very bad people in that group, but you also had people that were very fine people on both sides.”

Stacey Dash told MSNBC’s Ari Melber she agreed with Trump,  “I think he’s absolutely right, there were two extreme sides.”

Melber then asked, “When he said there are ‘good people on both sides,’ good people at the white supremacist rally, do you cosign that?” 

Dash decided to evoke God, “I’m not here to judge. The only one who can judge is God.”

Unambiguously saying that you can’t compare neo-Nazis to counter-protesters is not judging, it’s using your brain. Watch the video below:


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