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A Black Harvard graduate has found a way to turn her passion for traveling the globe and giving back into a business. Chandell Stone created Destination Teach; a program that promotes education in developing countries around the world, Black Enterprise reported.

Launched in 2014, Destination Teach takes people of color on excursions that merge cultural exploration and education, the news outlet writes. During the eight-day trips, travelers serve as guest teachers at schools. Destination Teach also partners with schools in underserved and underdeveloped countries to provide students with supplies and scholarships. Stone—a Bronx principal—has led trips to places that include Haiti, Nairobi, and Morocco.

She says that she was inspired to launch Destination Teach due to the lack of racial representation within international volunteer programs. “At Destination Teach, we believe that diversifying travel cohorts allows for pertinent cross-cultural dialogue, and presents a more realistic representation of America to global communities,” reads the program’s website. “We pride ourselves on providing unique travel experiences that will truly build your cultural capacity.”

Education still remains a pressing issue in developing countries; especially in parts of Africa. “Only 30 to 50 percent of secondary-school-aged children are attending school, while only seven to 23 percent of tertiary-school-aged youth are enrolled. This varies by sub-region, with the lowest levels being in Central and Eastern Africa and the highest enrolment levels in Southern and North Africa,” Angela Lusigi, Strategic Advisor, UNDP Africa, told The Herald. “Often in Africa, decisions to educate children are made within the context of discriminatory social institutions and cultural norms that may prevent young girls or boys from attending school.”

According to The Citizen, earlier this month comedian and host of The Daily Show Trevor Noah created a non-profit to help underprivileged children in Africa pursue their education.


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