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Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor whose rocky tenure leading the five boroughs was marked lowering crime at the expense of people of color, has returned to the national spotlight. The failed presidential candidate who has struggled to maintain political relevance since leaving City Hall in 2001 was reportedly planning to join the legal team for Donald Trump with the ambitious hope of ending the special counsel’s investigation into the president’s possible collusion with Russia.

But perhaps what’s even more troubling than the chance of Robert Mueller’s investigation ending abruptly without any real consequences for Trump is the fact that the president will bring yet another sworn racist into his inner circle.

Giuliani’s stop-and-frisk program that he championed empowered police to effectively harass millions of Black and brown people in New York City until it was ruled unconstitutional in 2013. But by that point, the damage was done, with about 90 percent of those stopped and frisked found to be “completely innocent,” according to the New York Civil Liberties Union. The Washington Post would later find that “there’s no real correlation between the use of stop-and-frisk and New York’s reduction in crime.”

More recently Giuliani waded back into the murky waters of race when he decided that police brutality posed less of a threat to Black people than they did to themselves.

“A black [person] will die 1 per cent or less at the hands of the police and 99 per cent at the hands of a civilian – most often another black [person],” he declared while appearing on CBS’s Face the Nation in 2016. During the same interview, he insisted that police killing Black people “happens rarely.” So, there’s that.

But he wasn’t finished.

The very next day during an interview that was not surprisingly on Fox News, he dared to suggest that Black people should be grateful for all his services toward them.

“I believe I saved a lot more black lives than Black Lives Matter. I don’t see what Black Lives Matter is doing for blacks other than isolating them,” he said. “All it cares about is the police shooting of blacks. It doesn’t care about the 90 percent of blacks that have been killed by other blacks. That’s just a simple fact. That is a simple fact.”

And now, after all that, the president has decided to bring the man who uttered the above despicable words and put into place an unconstitutional policing agenda that disproportionately hurt Black people.

In 2018, sadly, that sounds just about right.


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