The Mueller Report confirms that an unqualified president can commit the most serious political crimes in plain view while joining with a foreign power to stir up already latent racism and face zero consequences because so many people want to maintain their white power.

Democrats demanded to see Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s full report so that they could review his findings for themselves.

Letitia James pursues possible Trump crimes while Nancy Pelosi declines to impeach the president.


Cyntoia Brown and Robert Mueller's investigations into Donald Trump and his cohorts may seem unrelated, but they tell the same story.

Rep. Elijah Cummings is expected to spearhead the House investigation of President Donald Trump.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who lowered crime at the expense of people of color, is back in the national spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Fox News host Sean Hannity is a client of Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen.

Republicans wanted to impeach President Obama for much less.

Omarosa could redeem her sunken self by telling special counsel Bob Mueller everything she knows about her former boss' alleged Russian collusion.

The first steps to the impeachment of Donald Trump were ironically taken by his former presidential campaign manager — right into FBI headquarters.