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The president’s so-called national anthem and American flag celebration at the White House on Tuesday backfired and instead shined a spotlight on what has increasingly become proof that Donald Trump is the antithesis of an American patriot. While the president has been busy questioning the patriotism of mostly Black professional athletes, he may just want to take a look in the mirror to see exactly what unpatriotic looks like.

The event was meant to be a substitute for the planned, traditional visit from the latest Superbowl champions, but because many Philadelphia Eagles players decided against going, Trump canceled the event altogether and reimagined it as tribute to the country.

Except it didn’t go exactly as planned and ended up becoming Trump’s most recent self-inflicted embarrassing White nationalist misstep, including flubbing — or, as some might say, forgetting — the words to “God Bless America” while all eyes were on him.

For someone who prides himself on being an American patriot, Trump sure does some very un-American things. A few examples follow below:

1. He forgot the words to “God Bless America” exactly one day after he questioned the patriotism of the Eagles players. Timing is everything.

2. He has also forgotten to put his right hand over his heart while singing the national anthem — the very song he thinks he’s defending against NFL players.

3. He was a draft dodger and refused to serve American during a time of war.

4. He seemingly colluded with Russia to win the US election. The progress that Special prosecutor Robert Mueller has made on that front suggests there is indeed a connection between Trump being elected and Russians working overtime to make it happen. The fact that he tweets a denial nearly daily also shows that he “doth protest too loudly,” to quote Shakespeare.

5. He’s mocked U.S. soldiers who get captured and/or die in combat, including Sen. John McCain and most recently Sgt. La David Johnson. Showing American troops any form of disrespect goes directly against the core values that Trump would have America believe that he subscribes to.

There are many more examples to mention, but you get the point.

Oh, we didn’t forget the fact that Trump is clearly an open racist who discriminates against anyone with a skin color darker than his own spray tan. However, some could argue that his racism actually makes him the most American patriot of all time. The irony…


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