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In April, we reported Ben Carson was set to propose rent increases for low-income households, which would have affected 4.5 million families who rely on federal housing assistance. The heartless plan would have increased the minimum rent for some of the country’s poorest from $50 per month to $150. Thankfully, there was widespread outrage and now Carson says the rent increases suddenly aren’t “necessary.”

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Speaking at the Bipartisan Policy Center on Friday, Carson said, “The reason we had to consider raising rents at all is because we were dealing with a $41 billion budget. And in order to be able to keep from raising rents on the elderly and the disabled, and in order to not displace people who are already being taken care of, that was necessary.” He added, “Now that the budget has been changed, the necessity for doing that is not urgent.”

Let’s hope with enough outrage more of Carson’s destructive policies can be stopped. Since January 1, Carson has blocked the Obama-era Small Area Fair Market Rent rule, which would give low-income people better access to schools and jobs. In addition, Trump and Carson want to start a 32-hour per week work requirement, which if you don’t complete, you get kicked out of HUD housing —regardless of if there are little-to-no jobs in an area, if the jobs are paying a starvation wage or if the job is only 20 hours a week.

Although Carson insists there is no war on the poor, he is the same person who said low-income people are “too comfortable” in poverty.  Hopefully, with more outrage, he and his team can realize that his judgments will not help people in poverty and will only hurt them.


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