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Ben Carson is currently touring the country for Healthy Homes Month. Last week, he was in Stamford, Connecticut and Greensboro, North Carolina. This week, he was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While his speeches are always terrifying, considering how he shows every sign that he wants to dismantle social services, his latest speech was soulless and anti the Constitution.

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Carson visited The Guest House, a homeless shelter in downtown Milwaukee. Instead of focusing on the homeless crisis, Carson ranted about how people are trying to divide the country. According to Fox 6  Now, he complained, “I’m talking about the people who are always trying to create friction. The level of vitriol has just reached a point where I don’t think any reasonable person thinks that should be going on.”

Is he aware of who he works for right now? A man who attacks Senator John McCain, a military vet who is battling cancer? A man who is attempting to take away the First Amendment rights of NFL players? A man who paid off an adult film star? What Kool-Aid is Carson drinking?

Carson’s foolishness didn’t stop there. He said there is nothing he can do about homelessness because the government can’t afford it. Fox 6 Now reports, “Carson said the government could not tackle the issue of homelessness alone because the federal government is more than $20 trillion in debt. He said the opioid crisis plaguing Wisconsin and the country has added to the homelessness problem. ‘(Opioid addiction) is a severe problem. As you may recall a few months ago, the president declared it a national health emergency,’ he said. ‘We’re being bombarded.'”

Bombarded? This isn’t the lunch shift at McDonald’s. It is his job to advocate for fair housing. There is no such things as being “bombarded,” it’s called doing your job.

In addition, he spoke at the annual convention of Gospel Rescue Missions and talked against the Constitution  — saying their should be no separation of church and state. “He focused his remarks on his faith and criticized those who support a separation of church and state,” reported Fox 6. “‘As we try to discard (God), we’re moving in the wrong direction,’ Carson said. ‘Fortunately our current president recognizes that. He may not be a choir boy, but he does recognize that.'”

The founding fathers specifically asked for a separation of church and state to avoid religious law — you know, the type of law that rules some Muslim countries. The same Muslims who Carson said should never be elected president.

To blame “discarding God” for the country’s direction is delusional. Don’t blame it on God, blame it on Trump and your incompetence, Dr. Carson.


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