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The governor of Kentucky is beyond tone deaf; he is a complete idiot.

Case in point: a recent promotional video.

“I’m going to go in and meet the members of the West Louisville Chess Club,” Gov. Matt Bevin said. “Not something you necessarily would have thought of when you think of this section of town.”

Yeah, because in “this section of town,” Bevin must think everyone is smoking crack and playing basketball — no one could possibly be mastering the art of chess.

Watch the video below:

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What is most interesting is that this was a promotional video, which means it was at least partially scripted—and definitely edited—so everyone involved thought this was acceptable. Sounds like Bevin needs to hire people who are from the area he is babbling about so cluelessly.

After backlash from social media, his spokesperson released an arrogant statement.

“Governor Bevin met with the West Louisville Chess Club to showcase an important program that is encouraging sportsmanship and character building among Kentucky’s youth. It is disappointing that some are trying to shift the focus away from the incredible accomplishments of these talented kids.”

Councilman David James, who represents District 6 in Louisville, was not feeling the statement. He was at the event where Bevin filmed the promo and told the Courier-Journal, “It was just an obvious move by the governor to take photos with the African-American community. To perpetuate a stereotype of the African-American community like that is unbelievable.”

Yes, it is unbelievable — especially considering these are people Bevin represents. But this stupidity shouldn’t shock anyone. He is the same person who cut dental and vision benefits for nearly 500,000 Medicaid recipients.


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