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Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has not stopped speaking out about the injustice of Trump, although the 79-year-old is continuously threatened because of it. Earlier this week, we reported how Anthony Scott Lloyd, who threatened to kill her, only received six months of home detention, three years’ probation and 100 hours of community service. He was facing up to 10 years in jail for threatening a United States official. The weak punishment condones this type of behavior and more racists tried to come for Ms. Waters, but were shut all the way down.

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A White supremacist group called the Oath Keepers planned to protest outside of Waters’ office in South Los Angeles. The Oath Keepers publicized the protest online, but the two who showed up quickly sped off when they were met with diverse counter protesters. ABC News reports, “The vehicle, occupied by two men who appeared to be white, was stopped by the crowd. Some marchers opened the doors and one grabbed the flag flying on a pole in the bed of the truck, which sped off.”

ABC News also reports the” flag was stepped on and lit on fire as someone stoked the flames. A few people cheered and someone yelled, ‘This is not the American flag, this is their flag.'”

The Southern Poverty Law Center has described the Oath Keepers as “one of the largest radical antigovernment groups in the U.S. today.” It is great to see a multicultural group of people peacefully protest against this hateful group — and they clearly have more gumption than the Democratic party, who instead shamed Maxine for speaking out.


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