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Don’t ever think that liberal New York City is immune to racism. A complaint filed from a city EMT against a Brooklyn firefighter proves even the Concrete Jungle is spewing with hate like everywhere else in the country.

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The New York Daily News exclusively reports, “The EMT, an African-American woman, said the firefighter from Engine Co. 290 in Brooklyn shouted the epithet at her Sunday as FDNY teams scrambled to Starrett City, where thousands were left without power following a blackout.” Allegedly, there was a tense phone call on July 29 between an EMS crew and firefighters. A white firefighter allegedly yelled at the EMT, “Just do your job, you black b**ch.” The next day, the EMT filed a complaint with the department’s EEO.

A spokesperson for FDNY released the following brief statement, “A complaint has been filed with the EEO office and an investigation has been opened.” The firefighter is still on duty.

This is far from the first time New York firefighters have been accused of racism. In June, a white firefighter called a Black firefighter the n-word, which started a brawl inside Billy’s Bar near Yankee Stadium. One of the firefighters was sprayed with pepper spray. The New York Daily News reports, “As a result, seven firefighters and an FDNY lieutenant were all suspended without pay, while the city’s Department of Investigation opened a probe of the incident.”

Clearly, the FDNY needs some proper training or several people need to be fired immediately.


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