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It’s been a wild ride this year in news, full of amazing ups (like President Obama’s inauguration) and tragic downs (like Michael Jackson’s death). Through it all, NewsOne has been here keeping you up to date on what’s going on.

So what was the news that caught your attention this year? Check out our list below of the Top 10 Most Clicked Stories of 2009 to find out!

10. Man Charged With Throwing Baby Out Car Window

9. Malcolm X’s Grandson Breaks Silence

8. Top 5 FOX News Uncle Toms

7. LisaRaye Testifies About Prime Minister Ex-Husband

6. Joe Jackson Confirms MJ’s Love Child

5. California Mayor Emails White House Watermelon Picture

4. 29-Year-Old Has 21 Kids With 11 Women

3. Seattle Police Beat 15-Year-Old Girl

2. Chris Brown Assaults Rihanna

And the number one most clicked story of the year was ……..

1. Top 10 Racist Rush Limbaugh Quotes – Thanks for the memories, Rush!

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