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No wonder the deficit is so high. Republicans will waste money just because they hate Democrats. More specifically, a Black Democrat who doesn’t mind punching back — Rep. Maxine Waters.

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Republican Omar Navarro is challenging Waters’ Los Angeles-based seat, which is hardcore Democratic. It’s nearly impossible for him to win. But because Republicans despise Aunty Maxine, Navarro has raised more than $450,000 in the third quarter. He was giving all the credit to Waters, not his policies or ability to campaign, according to Politico.

“There’s a lot of people across the country that are just unhappy with the rhetoric Maxine Waters is using,” Navarro said in an interview. “They’re becoming angry. They’re not happy she’s trying to impeach the president.”

However, where is all this money going? As of today, Navarro hasn’t released one television ad, although he says it’s coming (bruh, the midterm elections are 20 days away, what are you waiting for?).

Oh, and guess who the 29-year-old candidate is endorsed by? Pastor Darrell Scott, who once said Trump will be our most “pro-Black” president, and granddaddy of the sunken place Herman Cain, a failed presidential candidate who was famously accused of sexual harassment. Last and definitely least, the wildly hateful Sheriff Joe Arpaio also threw his support behind Navarro, who is truly delusional if he thinks he can win in Los Angeles with the support of those hacks.

Navarro is also “proud” of his Mexican heritage. Yep, a Mexican man in California who supports Donald J. Trump.

Good to know the sunken place isn’t limited to Black folks. Nonetheless, make sure you vote Nov. 6.


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