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Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp is openly using every racist tactic possible to prevent supporters of Stacey Abrams from voting. However, reports say that early voters are breaking records, which is a huge win for Abrams.

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WSB-TV in Atlanta reports record number of early voters, saying, “The state released new numbers that show 296,000 people have voted so far. Fulton County has the largest number, with more than 36,000 voters. DeKalb and Cobb counties are second and third.”

Cobb County Election Director Janice Eveler told WSB-TV, “For us, this is a historic number of people coming out for early voting and voting by mail.” Some voters reportedly had to wait three hours.

One voter said the line was too long on Wednesday, but he came back on Thursday, “It’s the No. 1 important thing we have to do for our country,” he said. “It’s the only way your voice gets heard in our country and our community to let people know what you want matters.”

Kemp has been slammed on social media for clear voter suppression tactics and earlier this week, he released a bizarre video that was supposed to educate voters on Georgia’s advance voting procedures. However, it featured a Black child actor who failed to bring government-issued identification to vote.

See the strange video below:

You can participate in early voting until Nov. 2 in Georgia.


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