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Halloween brings many things: pumpkins, candy, trick-or-treating, to name but a few. But another surefire guarantee is racist costumes, displays and events around October 31. Already, people have started with their offensive behaviors and actions this year, mocking Black people as if it is nothing.

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A Trump supporter who goes by the name Sabo recently created a billboard that depicted Maxine Waters as Mike Myers, the murderous lead character of the “Halloween” horror movie franchise. Social media users were, undoubtedly, talking about the derogatory signage in Los Angeles. The conservative artist took a picture of Waters and plastered it over the character’s face to suggest that the senator was a horror movie villain — a painful and negative message that adds to the other insults that have been hurled at Waters by other fans of the president.

Several racist incidents have been connected to the Trump administration, with this one about Waters being used as another example of hate. The man who created the billboard about the congresswoman also has a history of mocking the left, according to The Blaze, a conservative news outlet.

Other people are mocking African Americans other than Waters, who has repeatedly been targeted by racism. A man dressed up in Blackface to depict Tiger Woods during a Halloween dog parade in Ohio on Saturday  — which was referred to as a “disgusting display of racism” by community members.

“The tepid response and shrugging off of responsibility [is] making a terrible situation much worse. You allowed a blatant and disgusting display of racism in your event that was advertised as being for the community,” Alison Meredith, a Facebook user, wrote in a comment about the racist display, adding that the unidentified man should have been stopped from participating in the parade.

Community members demanded an apology and that a clear zero-tolerance anti-racism policy is put into place for future events. They sent a strong message that can help to influence others to stop with racist Halloween costumes.


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