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Some polls were still trying to make people believe that Trump was beloved in the Black community. Now one poll was claiming the divider in chief has a “record high” approval rating among Black voters.

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According to Rasmussen Reports, Trump has a 40 percent approval rating with Black voters. See the foolishness below:

Not sure what “record high” it was referring to, but Obama’s approval rating among Black voters always remained in the 80 percent range. Bush’s approval rating for Black voters reached 41 percent in 2002. The only record Trump has allegedly set is for himself, not the presidency.

However, the poll should be no shock coming from Rasmussen, which has long been criticized for being biased and leaning toward Republicans. Back in August, Ramussen also claimed that 36 percent of Black voters supported Trump. However, The Washington Post explained, “Polling firms that have interviewed far more African-Americans, and that are much more transparent than Rasmussen, all show that Trump’s black approval rating is much lower than 36 percent.”

Gallup had Trump with a Black approval rating between 10 to 15 percent through 2018. Civiqs had his Black approval rating consistently been in the single-digits. YouGov/Economist reported in July and August his rating was 13 percent and four Quinnipiac University surveys claimed it was at 9 percent support in August.

Nonetheless, we are sure Trump and Republicans will recklessly repeat these numbers on the regular. It’s clear that an overwhelming majority of Black voters were not supportive of Trump, despite hacks like Kanye West, who has admitted to never voting, and Candace Owens, who was anti-Trump two years ago.

Yes, the sunken place is real, but not 40 percent real.


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