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As we all know, Trump makes it a habit to attack Black women in media. This week it was CNN’s Abby Phillips, PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor and AURN’s April Ryan. While Angela Rye was discussing 45’s clear racism on CNN, delusional Black Trump supporter, who was only brought onto CNN after Paris Dennard was fired, Niger Innis insulted Ryan.

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Innis implied that Ryan deserves to be disrespected by the President of the United States because she is “spicy.”

Angela Rye responded, “Let me help you on spicy, it’s a flavor of hot Cheetos and Buffalo wings. Not a human being asking questions and demanding accountability from the highest person in the land.” Innis tried to babble some more but Rye continued, “She does represent American Urban Radio Network but all that means that there are urban communities over the country that expect April to ask, as you would call, ‘buffalo wing spicy’ questions.”

Innis made it clear he didn’t say “buffalo wing” then he also denied that the term “nationalism” has no racist connotation. Angela explained, “There is a synonym between nationalism and racism and you’re boy [Trump] is it.”

Realizing he was following a part in the discussion, Innis bizarrely pivoted to Black women who voted for Ron DeSantis in Florida, which is reportedly 18 percent. However, as we know, those numbers are not accurate considering every vote is not counted.

Kudos to Rye for keeping the new Paris Dennard in check.

Watch the exchange below:


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