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When all else fails, blame a Black person. Mitchell Dutz of Fulton County, Illinois is the latest white man to pull this stunt—and it was reportedly all over a drug deal gone wrong.

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According to WGIL, Dutz was involved in a drug deal and was robbed. He was so upset that participating in illegal activity did not go his way that he claimed the man with whom he was involved in the bad drug deal, reportedly named James Jackson, stole his car with his 13-month-old son in the backseat.

The police even went as far as to post an Amber Alert on Facebook, which read, “Fulton County Sheriff’s Department and Illinois State Police District 14 are asking for assistance in locating a missing toddler from the Farmington area. The toddler, Bently Dutz, was last seen in the Farmington Area at 5:01 PM on 12/15/2018.”

See the post below about the child that was never kidnapped.

However, this was all a lie – his child was not kidnapped and his car was never stolen. WBJC reports, “Dutz was allegedly robbed during a drug deal and had used the infant as a way to pursue charges against the alleged persons who robbed him.”

Dutz was arrested and charged with residential burglary, filing a false police report and making a false 911 call. There are also pending charges.

Let’s hope Dutz receives the maximum charges. This is another example of white people, even criminals, using 911 as a weapon. No word on what will happen to James Jackson, being that he was reportedly involved in the drug deal – that said, maybe even that was a lie.

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