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Rapper and actor Jaden Smith is on a mission to bring clean water to Flint, Michigan. According to the Detroit Free Press, Smith is using his platform as an avenue for activism and bringing a water filtration system to the city.

The 20-year-old is leading the effort through his company JUST Goods Inc. The company—which is an eco-friendly natural spring water brand—is joining forces with Flint’s First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church to implement a system called “The Water Box” which can help reduce lead and other toxic chemicals in contaminated water. The Water Boxes are engineered through digital devices.

Aside from his passion for the arts, Smith has been a fierce advocate for environmentalism. “I want to have something I can feel good about that I can feel like it’s changing the world. I’m not only being neutral with the world, I’m actually making the world a better place,” he said when asked about his water brand during an interview with Highsnobiety. “That’s when I was like, if I can feel that way, that would be amazing. But then if everybody else could feel that way, that’s a dream come true. I’ve just always wanted to be an advocate of humanity.”

The First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church has been dedicated to addressing the water issue in Flint. According to the news outlet, the church has given over 5 million bottles of water to local residents.

This isn’t the first time that Smith has led philanthropic efforts in Flint. According to the Huffington Post, last year his company vowed to donate water each month to the city’s schools until the water was safe to drink. Thousands of bottles were donated.


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