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A white woman who was nearly killed while invading a jaguar’s personal space is now blaming the zoo. Yep, sounds about a white.

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Leanne (she does not want her last name released but we are sure Twitter will do its research) reportedly crossed a barrier at an Arizona zoo to get a selfie with a jaguar. Thankfully, she only suffered lacerations on her arm but she is now speaking out and pointing fingers at the zoo, according to the Daily Mail.

“The black jaguar was up against the fence and we happened to be walking by and we said, ‘Hey let’s get some good pictures,'” Leanne explained.

She continued, “I was in the wrong for leaning over the barrier, but I do think that maybe the zoo should look into moving their fence back. Anybody can reach out. I’m not the first, and if they don’t move the fence, I’m probably not going to be the last.”

If anyone decided to lean over a barrier of a wild animal there is no one to blame.

There is a 3-foot barrier, which is more than enough space to know not to be an idiot. That said, CBS also reported, “the same thing happened at this same enclosure with the same jaguar just last summer. Jeff Allan received several stitches, and said the zoo put its barrier too close.”

Zoo director Mickey Olson said in a statement to CBS, “When people do not respect the barriers, there’s always a chance that there might be a problem.” Directly after the incident, he said, “There’s no way to fix people crossing barriers. That happens occasionally. We put substantial barriers there, and if people cross them, they can get in trouble.”

Watch the interview below:

The jaguar has been temporarily removed from the exhibit. There were fears that the jaguar would be euthanized due to the incident, but the zoo released the following statement, “We can promise you nothing will happen to our jaguar. She’s a wild animal and there were proper barriers in place to keep our guests safe- not a wild animals fault when barriers are crossed. Still sending prayers to her and her family.”


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