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Motherhood is full of love, selflessness, and sacrifices and a Michigan-based mom captured the essence of those three qualities when she made the decision to skip her own college graduation to attend her son’s commencement ceremony. Sharonda Wilson’s choice to miss out on a major milestone to support her son Stephan did not go unappreciated or overlooked. According to ABC News, he ensured that she got the opportunity to walk across the graduation stage and she received her degree at his graduation.

Wilson, who earned her degree from Ferris State University was set to graduate on the same day as her son who attended Central Michigan University. After learning that his mom planned on skipping her own graduation to be at his commencement ceremony, Stephan was inclined to do something special for her. He connected with a friend who worked with Central Michigan University President Bob Davies. Davies then connected with senior leadership at Ferris State University to get permission to award Wilson with her degree. All of this happened hours before the graduation was slated to take place.

“My mom is a selfless person,” Stephan said in a statement. “I wouldn’t have been [at graduation] without her. That is the honest truth.” While sitting in her seat getting ready to cheer her child on for his educational accomplishment, to Wilson’s surprise she was called to the stage and Davies awarded her with her hard-earned bachelor’s of science in business administration. 23-year-old Stephan—who majored in fine arts— was moved to tears.

Davies told CNN that he was grateful to be able to create that special moment for Sharonda and her son. “Sharonda and Stephan both put in the long hours and hard work, and they deserved the chance to celebrate together as a family,” he said. “We appreciated the opportunity to partner with our friends at Ferris State to recognize and celebrate this milestone achievement for both Stephan and Sharonda.”


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