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The racist Airbnb host caught on video using a racist slur toward a group of Black people staying at her home was being defended by her apparent roommate. The host, identified as an Asian woman named Kate, was shown on the video using the word “monkey” in a derogatory reference to Meshach Cisero and his friends.

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Now, her alleged roommate is defending her and he isn’t doing Kate any favors.

An email sent to NewsOne from a person named Dominic Fogarty said in part that he “wanted to reach out as I live in the house with Kate.” The email went on to defend something that was clearly indefensible. 

While the video is true, it doesn’t catch the full context of what happened in the evening,” Dominic wrote.

He then proceeded to explain her racist mindset and why she used the word “monkey” to describe her Black house guests.

“The guests were making a lot of noise until 2am and I asked them a few times to please keep it down as we have family members trying to sleep,” he wrote. “The woman in the video got frustrated and asked them to leave due to the noise but they refused and called her nasty names which is when she snapped.”

No word on what these “nasty” names were, but they clearly didn’t jump to racism, like Miss Kate. 

There was a fifth person in the room even though they booked for four and claimed he was a friend who lived locally,” he continued. “They also mistakenly thought the listing was for the full house and brought two dogs with them even though we state no pets allowed. They did ask if it was okay for them to stay in the room in crates and since they checked in at around 11pm and I assume had travelled [sic] from somewhere, I let them as I was trying to accommodate them. Unfortunately they (the guests) kept being disturbing for the next few hours.” 

Fogarty closed the email lamenting about how the video didn’t depict the truth of the situation.

“This has been a stressful situation and while the monkey remarks aren’t excused, we feel it is only fair to hear side of the story,” he wrote.

Well, now that we know that side of the story, it only makes Dominic complicit in Kate’s racism. Furthermore, they are the ones who decided to rent their home out to four to five strangers. Maybe Airbnb isn’t the right way to make some extra money if you can’t deal with noise or being accommodating when things don’t go exactly how you want. See how their reservation even says, “Your review should always be 5 stars.”

Even more disappointing, the email didn’t even include an apology for Kate’s racist language.

A representative for Airbnb told NewsOne saying that the host was removed from the platform. “The language used in this video is unacceptable and has no place in the Airbnb community,” the statement said.

“We have a strict nondiscrimination policy, which we are enforcing to remove the host from our platform. We are supporting Mr. Cisero and his friends in getting them a new place to stay through our Open Doors policy. We’re thankful to them for bringing this to our attention so we could take action.

The Open Doors policy makes sure guests facing discrimination are able to have an alternate place to stay. “[I]f a Guest anywhere in the world feels like they have been discriminated against in violation of our policy – in trying to book a listing, having a booking canceled, or in any other interaction with a host – we will find that Guest a similar place to stay if one is available on Airbnb, or if not, we will find them an alternative accommodation elsewhere,” the policy states in part.

Looks like East Side Kate and her roomie going to have to find other ways to make some extra money.


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