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Funeral for Sgt. La David Johnson

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The widow of an Army soldier who was killed in an ambush in Africa reportedly “reacted angrily” when she was briefed on a report surrounding the unexpected siege. It was the latest update in an unfortunate saga that hinted at a possible cover-up of ineptitude that left LaDavid Johnson and three other soldiers dead in Niger in 2017.

Myeshia Johnson got up and walked out in frustration about 20 minutes into the tense meeting with Army officials,” ABC News reported about the sergeant’s wife reacting to “being handed a 289-page report by Army officers and learning that no further disciplinary action was required beyond the letters of reprimand that have already been issued.”

In other words, the Army appeared to be all but shrugging at what was previously described as preventable military fiasco where soldiers lacked sufficient intelligence before heedlessly rushing into a firefight with militants near the border of Mali.

Myeshia Johnson was not alone with her reaction. ABC News also reported that the families of the other soldiers were equally as upset, with the mother of Sgt. 1st Class Jeremiah Johnson (no relation) declaring that she was “angry as hell.”

The new report continued the disrespect officials have repeatedly lent the investigation into the ambush as well as the families of the soldiers who were killed. That especially included Myeshia Johnson, who was reportedly told by President Donald Trump during a phone call of purported condolences that her husband knew what he signed up for, implying that his death was simply an expected statistic.

At the time, Myeshia Johnson was being consoled by her Florida Congresswoman, Rep. Frederica Wilson, who said she heard the exchange. Trump ended up getting into a Twitter war with Myeshia Johnson and Wilson over his lack of sympathy and lies surrounding the soldiers’ death.

Funeral for Sgt. La David Johnson

Source: Sun Sentinel / Getty

While the U.S. military was investigating the ambush, news surfaced from villagers in Niger in November of 2017 that Johnson and the other three U.S. soldiers were found bound and apparently executed by militants. Johnson’s body was found with his hands tied behind his back and severe head trauma. The militants also stripped the soldiers of their clothes and shoes.

Trump’s call to Myeshia Johnson stood in stark contrast to one he gave another widow, who is white. Michelle Black was reportedly comforted by Trump’s “gracious” call in the days after her Special Forces husband Bryan Black was killed in the ambush.

The disrespect didn’t end there.

While remembering other soldiers by name who had recently been killed in action, the president seemed to deliberately omit La David Johnson’s name from ceremonies of remembrance during the subsequent Veterans Day and Memorial Day national holidays.

All of the above likely made Wednesday’s report that much more intolerable to Myeshia Johnson, who could easily be forgiven if she didn’t want to have anything else to do with Trump’s federal government.


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