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Ben Carson‘s surrounds himself with racists. As the only African-American in Trump’s cabinet racists appear to be who he is most comfortable with and his latest hire at Housing and Urban Development proves just that.

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Eric Blankenstein is Carson’s latest hire who just resigned from a policy director at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in May, six months after racist blog posts surfaced. According to The Washington Post back in September, Blankenstein wrote a white person using the n-word doesn’t mean they are racist, “Fine…let’s say they called him n[—-]…would that make them racists, or just assholes looking for the most convenient way to get under his skin?”

The Washington Post also says he wrote the majority of hate crimes were hoaxes and “that a proposal at the University of Virginia to impose harsher academic penalties for acts of intolerance was ‘racial idiocy.'”

The blog posts were 15 years ago but it doesn’t seem like much has changed if he part of the Trump administration. And Blankenstein’s new role at HUD? He will be HUD’s Office of General Counsel.

Back in September, Blankenstein said about his posts, “The need to dig up statements I wrote as a 25 year old shows that in the eyes of my critics I am not guilty of a legal infraction or neglect of my duties, but rather just governing while conservative.”

According to Politico, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) slammed HUD, saying in a statement, “The Department of Housing should be working to address housing discrimination across the country, not serving as a dumping ground for a disgraced, racist Trump appointee.”

This isn’t a shocker from Carson. This is the same man who wants to kick out 55,000 American children from public housing. Earlier this month, ABC News asked about how he is enforcing a law to kick families out of public housing if one person lives in their home illegally, “Because it’s the law. We’re a nation of laws and if the lawmakers don’t like it, they need to change it.”

However, Carson selectively uses the excuse of the law.

According to Politico, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has determined Carson broke the law by buying a $31,000 dining room set for his office and $8,000 dishwasher in the office kitchen. “Agencies are required to notify Congress of expenditures over $5,000 to furnish an executive’s office,” Politico wrote last month.

Congress was reportedly not notified and Carson allegedly canceled the dining room set when the story broke early last year. No word about the dishwasher.

We’ll see what other laws they will break with Eric Blankenstein.


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