The affordability of quality housing is the sleeper issue of almost every election, and that goes double for the Black folks.


The now defunct charity launched by the hollywood actor promised sustainable housing opportunities for Hurricane Katrina survivors.

Good News

An initiative designed to empower developers of color to use real estate as a means for community impact is coming to Dallas.

Good News

8-year-old Taji Johnson is paying it forward by providing tents for the homeless in South Carolina.

Good News

Songstress Beyoncé is providing families facing housing insecurity with $5,000 grants.

Good News

Hip-hop executive Anthony Tiffith, CEO of Top Dawg Entertainment, will cover one month’s rent for over 300 senior citizens living in Los Angeles-based public housing developments.

Government officials and activists are taking action.

Good News

A Black-owned real estate development company is fighting gentrification in Atlanta through the creation of affordable housing.

Castro was the previous secretary of HUD, now Ben Carson is rolling back the progress he made.

Well, he stands by a racist at the White House...

Here goes Ben Carson with another slavery analogy.

Eric Blankenstein is known for his racist blog posts.