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Ben Carson knows nothing about the separation of church and state and  injects his faith into anything — including his home when there is allegedly a massive painting of him and Jesus. Now, in a speech yesterday he actually had the nerve to compare who want to control a woman’s right to not have the government in their vagina to slave abolitionists.

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During a speech on Friday for Christian conservatives at the the annual Road to Majority Conference in Washington, D.C., Carson babbled compared abortion to slavery, “People who were slave owners thought that [since] they owned slaves, that they were property, that they could do anything they wanted to them, they beat them, raped them, killed them. Whatever they wanted to do, it was OK because they belonged to them.”

He continued, “But there were others that said, ‘No, that’s [horrible]. There is no way I can participate in that.’ Then there were those abolitionists who said, ‘Not only do I not want to participate in it, I have to stand up for those who are being killed, who are being enslaved.’”

He then compared people who are anti-abortion to slavery, “I used to be pro-choice. I said ‘I don’t believe in abortion but who am I to stop anyone else from doing it if they want to?’ What if the abolitionists had thought that way? Where would we be?”

This is clearly the false equivalency of the century. Does Ben Carson want to go back to days where women dying because of illegal abortions? And, of course, it was poor women because rich women — whether it was illegal or not — always found a way to take control over body.

That said, Carson has the nerve to use a slave analogy but this the same person whose resent hire, Eric Blankenstein, used the n-word in blog posts surfaced. According to The Washington Post back in September, Blankenstein wrote a white person using the n-word doesn’t mean they are racist, “Fine…let’s say they called him n[—-]…would that make them racists, or just assholes looking for the most convenient way to get under his skin?”

The Washington Post also says he wrote the majority of hate crimes were hoaxes and “that a proposal at the University of Virginia to impose harsher academic penalties for acts of intolerance was ‘racial idiocy.'”

The blog posts were 15 years ago but it doesn’t seem like much has changed if he part of the Trump administration. And Blankenstein’s new role at HUD? He will be HUD’s Office of General Counsel.

According to Politico, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) slammed HUD, saying in a statement, “The Department of Housing should be working to address housing discrimination across the country, not serving as a dumping ground for a disgraced, racist Trump appointee.”

Yep, and it is also Trump’s vision to only have Black folks on his team to defend his racism.


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