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Twin brothers from Philadelphia are using their entrepreneurial endeavor as a platform to spread awareness about Black-owned businesses in their city. 24-year-olds Aaron and David Cabello are the creators of Philly’s first Black-owned delivery service app, Philly Mag reported.

Cognizant of the lack of support for restaurants owned by African Americans in Philadelphia, they were determined to develop a platform that would aid the establishments in growing their digital presence and connect them to more customers. The brother-duo wanted to create a tool that would empower consumers to put action behind talking about the importance of supporting Black-owned businesses. At the age of 22, David dropped out of Shippensburg University’s College of Business and began working for delivery services like Postmates and UberEats. It was during that time when he noticed how lucrative delivery services were. His experience also revealed that there was a huge gap between local Black-owned businesses and consumers. Determined to fill that void he decided to team up with his brother Aaron and create Black & Mobile.

The two began laying the foundation in 2017 and launched in February 2019. “With my platform we make it easy to find black-owned businesses — there are no more excuses,” Cabello told the news outlet. “We locate every black-owned restaurant and we put them on our site. That way if you want to support them, we’ll hire someone from the community and they’ll bring it to your door.” The Cabello brothers also want to use their platform to create more jobs for individuals from underserved communities. They have plans to hire at least 10 team members in Philly this year and as the business grows nationally, they want to create opportunities in inner-city communities throughout the country.

The brothers plan on going beyond the food industry and featuring other types of businesses in the future. “We get to create employment opportunities, economics and unity, that’s what Philly needs,” said Cabello.

Aaron and David aren’t the only ones in Philly who are on a mission to promote Black-owned businesses. The founders of Shoppe Black Tony Oluwatoyin Lawson and Shantrelle P. Lewis are working on creating the first global Black business directory.


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