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Jay-Z‘s NFL partnership has been getting several side-eyes. The latest announcement that Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will perform at the Super Bowl in Miami had people scratching their heads. Now, Luke Campbell, also known as Uncle Luke from 2 Live Crew, is blasting Mr. Carter.

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In a biting piece for the Miami New Times, Campbell wrote, “Jay-Z is in violation of the G code. When you go into another man’s city, you are supposed to consult with him. In this case, Jay-Z should’ve had a conversation with me before coming up with this ludicrous idea. The NFL is disrespecting the hard work of Black entertainers who have made Miami the center of the rap game.”

He continued, “On the NFL Network, league officials said the show is going to promote Latinx culture because Miami is all about Hispanic people. That’s a slap in the face to the African-American community, which includes a diverse mix of Bahamian, Jamaican, and Haitian people.”

He also tapped into the price for Miami, “It’s an outrage considering the NFL is taking us for a ton of money to host the Super Bowl at Hard Rock. Miami-Dade County is kicking in $10 million in taxpayer funds, the City of Miami is adding $3.3 million, and the City of Miami Beach $1.2 million in fee waivers. The NFL needs Miami because you can’t put a price on hosting a big event in the best city in America.”

Luke ended with, Jay-Z needs to talk some sense to the NFL. I’ve said he didn’t deserve criticism for linking up with the NFL before he had a chance to start. But he needs to straighten this shit out. Otherwise, I’ll be hopping on that bandwagon calling him a sellout.”

In case you missed it, the Brooklyn native met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and said we are beyond kneeling and it’s time for “actionable items.”

It is also being reported that the rapper will be part owner of an NFL team.

Jay has also been slammed by Jemele Hill, Dr. Cornell W. Brooks, the former president of the NAACP, and many more. Many have accused the rapper of selling out, especially since he once wore his jersey and allegedly told Travis Scott not to perform at the Superbowl.


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