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Amber Guyger has been found guilty of murdering Botham Jean in his own home on Sept. 6, 2018. Now, there are many questions surrounding how the Dallas Police Department and the Texas Rangers handled the case, especially Texas Ranger Sgt. David Armstrong. An attorney for the family of Jean recently spoke out.

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Daryl K. Washington, one of the family attorneys for the Jean family, spoke on SiriusXM Urban View’s “The Clay Cane Show” about Sgt. David Armstrong defending Guyger. Washington was in the courtroom at the time of his testimony and said, “David Armstrong was exhibit one tp officers who should never have the opportunity to investigate another officer.”

He continued, “The same individual, by the way, who signed the arrest affidavit. He wanted to get up so badly and tell this jury that he didn’t think that she did nothing wrong. Basically, he bought her entire story. He had basically made his decision after his first day being on the scene — that she did nothing wrong without conducting a proper and adequate investigation. Not once did they do anything to even test the sofa to confirm that there was any type of blood on the sofa to see if Botham was actually sitting on the sofa.”

Washington specifically called out the Texas Rangers, “There was so much that the Texas Rangers did in this investigation that was not right. In other words, they came in to try to help her. They didn’t not come in to try to do a complete, thorough and accurate investigation.”

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In case you said, Armstrong said in his testimony, “I don’t believe that (the shooting) was reckless or criminally negligent based on the totality of the investigation and the circumstances and facts.”

He also maintained that several people went to the wrong floor, which is allegedly why Guyger went to Jean’s apartment. He also explained how she got through a locked door, “On multiple occasions, the door would close all the way and the door would also not completely close depending on the distance. And we were just letting go of the door not using any force and sometimes it would close all the way sometimes it wouldn’t, depending on the distance.”

Ranger was also spoke to her mental state, “Physically your heart rate goes very, very high. Your vision becomes narrowed, which is commonly referred to as tunnel vision. You begin to think very, very quickly and because your vision is narrowing, you begin to concentrate on what you believe your threat is … and that’s due to blood rushing to the major organs of the body because your body is saying ‘I need to do this right now,’ which is either fight or flight.”

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On Sept. 6, Guyger said that following a long day on the job as a Dallas police officer, she implausibly mistook his apartment for her own and, after ordering Jean not to move, shot him twice before realizing the error of her ways. Her story was met with doubt because of a number of factors, especially her assertion that Jean’s door was ajar. Videos posted on social media by neighbors appeared to show that apartment doors in the building shut automatically, which seemed to indicate that Guyger was lying.

Guyger is facing 99 years in prison.


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