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Stacey Dash‘s charge report went viral when it listed her as white. Now the police department has released a statement and they are sayin the Trump fanatic is not to blame.

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The Pasco Sheriff’s Department, via TMZ, said in a statement, “Stacey Dash was never asked her race by the arresting deputy, nor did she volunteer any information about her race. The arresting deputy assumed that she was Hispanic.”

The statement continued, “However, the Pasco Sheriff’s Office follows the Department of Justice Uniform Crime Reporting standards and, according to the DOJ reporting requirements the only allowable races are: Asian/Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Black/African American, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Unknown, or White.”

Stacey Dash, 52, being listed as white was an accident.

See the charge report below:

According to Dash’s Wikipedia page, her father Dennis Dash is Black and her mother Linda Dash is Mexican. She is also the cousin of Damon Dash. Dash has only played Black roles in movies and was worked more in the Black community than any other demographic. It’s not clear if she put down her race as white but if she did, she certainly has identity issues.

In case you missed it, Dash was arrested on Sept. 29. According to ABC News, “The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said Dash, 52, and the victim got into a verbal argument, around 7:45 p.m., at an apartment in New Port Richey before she pushed and slapped him in the face.”

According to Hollywood Life, Dash’s manager defended the actress in a statement.

“No charges were pressed by her husband, however, Deputies arrested Ms. Dash peacefully, as a formality. Ms. Dash’s husband appeared in court today, September 30th, on her behalf and Ms. Dash was released from the Land O’ Lakes detention facility. No further legal action is pending,” the statement said.

According to the arrest report, deputies saw “the victim sustained red scratch marks to his left upper arm from being pushed.”

Back in October of 2018, Page Six reported Jeffrey Marty and Dash married in April of 2018, just 10 days after meeting each other.

See the photo below of them:

Like his wife, Marty is also a die-hard Trump supporter. So much so that he created a fake social media account to praise 45.

“Jeffrey Marty, is best known as the creator of the fake Rep. Steven Smith of Georgia, the first “congressman” to endorse Donald Trump and a Tea Party gadfly who generates outrage in the Twitterverse, despite constant reminders that he is fictitious,” Page Six reported.

Dash is claiming Marty and his children lied on her to get her locked up. Listen to the 911 call below:


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